Special demands are placed on planters in public and semi-public spaces.

We have recognised these and fulfil the needs of their place of use.
Experience the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality with our planters for city centres and company grounds. The planters create an impressive atmosphere and create green oases. Our diverse range of planter sizes offers you endless possibilities to beautify your surroundings.

Thanks to the material stainless steel, they are not only solid and robust, but are also practically impossible to move by hand, especially once filled, and have to be transported with a forklift. Vandalism has little chance due to the solid construction.

All square planters are optionally available with forklift base and/or levelling function

From round to square, from small to large and from low to high, you are sure to find the right planter for your location in our range.

Whether in the city centre, on the market square or on company premises: stainless steel planters are always the most economical solution. Stainless steel can remain outdoors at any time of year and there is no danger of the material being damaged by the weather: absolutely frost-resistant and even heat is no problem for stainless steel. Outdoor plants, especially frost-resistant green plants, can be enhanced in them without any problems during the winter months.

In addition, our planters are optionally equipped with inner containers for replacing alternate planting as well as watering systems and water level gauges to ensure optimal watering. Add a touch of nature to your outdoor areas and create a pleasant working or shopping experience. Turn your space into a green and inviting place that will delight visitors and customers.

The planters 100 are angular and available in 21 different sizes. The Planters 200 series consists of round planters that are available in 12 sizes.Just get in touch with us!

We will be happy to advise you and together we will find the right planter for your outdoor plants, greenery and flowers.


  • Frost and heat resistant
  • Over 30 sizes for all needs
  • Stopping system and water level gauge
  • robust against vandalism and theft
  • Available with levelling function
  • Optional base for forklift transport
  • Easy to clean & durable
  • Sustainable & 100% recyclable
  • More than 8500 colors
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    The best place for plants in urban areas

    Planter 100

    Additional information
    Ground anchors

    free positioning


    powder-coated, stainless steel type 304


    Stacker base optionally available

    Inner tank

    with accumulation system and water level gauge optionally available

    Size L W H Weight
    Size 1 600 600 600 35
    Size 2 600 600 750 41
    Size 3 600 600 900 47
    Size 4 800 800 600 52
    Size 5 800 800 750 61
    Size 6 800 800 900 69
    Size 7 1000 1000 600 71
    Size 8 1000 1000 750 82
    Size 9 1000 1000 900 93
    Size 10 600 1000 750 61
    Size 11 600 1250 750 72
    Size 12 600 1500 750 84
    Size 13 750 1750 750 95
    Size 14 750 1000 750 68
    Size 15 750 1250 750 81
    Size 16 750 1500 750 93
    Size 17 750 1750 750 105
    Size 18 900 1000 750 77
    Size 19 900 1250 750 90
    Size 20 900 1500 750 103
    Size 21 900 1750 750 116

    Planter 200

    Additional information
    Ground anchors

    free positioning


    powder-coated, stainless steel type 304

    Inner tank

    with accumulation system and water level gauge optionally available

    Size H Weight
    Size 1 600 600 29
    Size 2 600 700 32
    Size 3 600 800 35
    Size 4 600 900 38
    Size 5 750 600 39
    Size 6 750 700 43
    Size 7 750 800 47
    Size 8 750 900 51
    Size 9 900 600 49
    Size 10 900 700 54
    Size 11 900 800 59
    Size 12 900 900 64

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    Search for the suitable products on our product page and then write us an e-mail with your inquiry. We will then be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.
    We will also be happy to advise you on the possibilities of the leveling function and pedestals for forklift transport.

    The delivery time for our planters is currently 4-6 weeks from the factory.
    Please note our 2-week company vacation at the beginning of August when ordering.

    Our standard color palette includes more than 150 RAL and house colors from which you can choose free of charge.

    We also offer our customers a choice of more than 8500 colors from NCS, RAL design and Pantone colors for an additional charge. You can find all colors here.

    Our planters are not screwed or set in concrete. Due to the solid material stainless steel, once planted, they can not be moved by hand. A forklift or similar is required in any case to move the filled planters, as they weigh several hundred kilos.

    By the way: Removable inserts for alternate planting are optionally available.

    When choosing the right planters for street furniture, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important is the material to withstand the demands of the urban environment. Stainless steel is extremely robust, durable and resistant to frost and heat.

    The size also plays a major role. It is important that the needs of different locations and also plant species can be taken into account, so that for each green plant can be selected the appropriate planter. After all, each planting must have enough space for root growth and at the same time, however, the planter must not appear oversized.

    An effective drainage system is critical to prevent waterlogging and root rot. The planters have holes in the bottom to allow excess water to drain away. All of our planters can be optionally equipped with a build-up system and water level gauge to ensure optimal care for plants in the city

    In urban areas, it is important that planters are safe and stable to prevent vandalism or accidental damage. They should have a high weight to prevent tipping over.

    Depending on the location and environment, the requirements for care and maintenance of planters may vary. Some materials require regular cleaning or re-treatment, while our planters are made of stainless steel and thus require virtually no maintenance.

    When selecting street furniture, including planters, sustainability is also very important. It is advisable to choose materials that are environmentally friendly, can be recycled and come from sustainable sources. We meet these requirements because our materials consist of up to 80% recycled raw materials and are 100% recyclable at the end of their decades of use.

    The size of an outdoor planter can vary depending on the specific requirements and context of cities and municipalities, outdoor facilities, parks and green spaces. According to the following factors, you should determine the size of the required planters:

    The size of the planter depends on the type of plants that will be placed in it. Smaller plants such as flowers or shrubs require smaller planters, while larger trees or large-sized plants require larger planters to provide adequate space for their root growth.

    The available space in cities, municipalities, outdoor areas, parks and green areas of commercial buildings is an important factor in determining the size of planters. They should be proportional to the surrounding space and provide enough room so as not to be too overwhelming or restrict through traffic.

    The size of the planters should also match the aesthetic appearance of the environment. It is important that they are harmoniously integrated into the overall image of the urban space and contribute to its beautification.

    There is no set size that applies to all situations, as this depends on the specific requirements and circumstances. It is advisable to carefully consider individual plant needs, available space and aesthetic requirements when determining the size of outdoor planters.

    In our assortment you will find a total of more than 30 different sizes of planters in more than 8500 colors – and certainly the right one for your building project.

    Stainless steel is absolutely robust and durable and therefore ideally suited for use in outdoor planters. Both frost and intense heat can not harm this material. This means that planters can remain outdoors in all weathers and do not need to be dismantled and stored. In addition, stainless steel planters require virtually no maintenance. Planters are powder coated, which also contributes to the durability of the product, and also makes it difficult to apply stickers, as they hold much worse than on smooth surfaces.

    Absolute weather resistance is a must for planters in public spaces. Especially in winter with snow and frost, a lot is demanded of the materials. Since our planters are made entirely of stainless steel, they can easily withstand high sub-zero temperatures without the material weakening.

    Planters made of wood or concrete are less robust and sometimes even have to be put away in winter to prevent the materials from freezing or even cracking.

    Our stainless steel planters can remain outside year-round and do not require frost-proof storage.

    Durable, Sustainable & Handmade

    Colour diversity

    Over 1,600 RAL colours

    All our products are powder coated by hand. Our range of more than 8500 colours leaves hardly anything to be desired when it comes to design.

    Genuine craftsmanship at BENKERT BÄNKE


    Stainless steel instead of wood

    We rely on recycled and above all recyclable raw materials for our products with a focus on absolute durability.


    Made in Germany

    All work steps, from product design and production to powder coating and packaging, happen at our location in Lower Franconia.

    Proven quality with our sustainable street furniture

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