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With our LINESCA series, we present round benches and semi-circular benches that fulfil the highest demands.

To meet your individual requirements, we offer you the option of customising the round benches in this series to suit your needs. From the choice of segments and the positioning of the backrest to the individual colour design.

Round benches are an elegant and practical solution for a variety of environments, from extensive public parks to zoos or amusement parks. They are perfect for placing around fountains or as a bench around a historic tree in the centre of a town. This bench can also be easily positioned along a path thanks to its variously shaped elements. School playgrounds become an experience for pupils with special bench shapes, while they not only serve as seating but also contribute to the overall appearance of the surroundings.

The curved shape of round benches allows several people to sit comfortably and engage in conversation. Their design ensures a pleasant seating experience, whether for short breaks in the park or longer periods of time in a public area.

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Round benches with customised radius

As standard, our round bench has a radius of 900 mm per element and an angle of 45°. On request, the elements can be manufactured with a customised radius for your project.  
We are also able to create free-form shapes according to your specifications thanks to different segment lengths and modules. Thanks to our customised design, we can adapt your round benches precisely to the specific requirements of your project, providing you with the perfect seating that optimally complements your space and emphasises its character. Discover the possibilities and let us work together to plan and realise the ideal solution for your individual requirements. Translated with (free version)

With backrests for comfortable sitting

We also offer optional backrests for additional comfort. These backrests can be attached either internally or externally, depending on the individual requirements and location of the round bench. This flexibility makes it possible to position the backrests in such a way that they offer users the greatest possible comfort. Discover the versatility of our round benches and customise them to your individual requirements with the optional backrests. Translated with (free version)

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Weatherproof & easy to clean

Durable seats with high seating comfort

Circular benches and semi-circular benches made of metal combine functionality and aesthetics at the highest level. Stainless steel is an excellent material for benches as it is extremely robust, durable and low-maintenance. Its resistance to corrosion and weathering makes it ideal for outdoor use, where it has to withstand rain, snow and sunlight.

In addition, the modern look of stainless steel round and semi-circular benches gives them a timeless elegance that blends seamlessly into any environment, be it urban parks, modern courtyards or urban squares. The smooth surface is also easy to clean and hygienic, making them particularly suitable for use in busy public areas such as train stations or shopping centres. Overall, stainless steel round benches and semi-circular benches offer a perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and durability, making them a first-class choice for a wide range of applications. Translated with (free version)

The award-winning round bench for all locations

Maximum flexibility

The product series has been honoured with many design awards. It not only offers a wide range of possible uses, but also impressive flexibility in terms of design. With a total of 12 different modules and connecting elements, customers can customise their round benches and combine them as they wish. This modular design not only opens up the possibility of creating round benches with a freely selectable radius, but also enables the creation of free forms and unconventional seating arrangements. Translated with (free version)

Whether you want to design a traditional circular bench, a semi-circular bench around a tree or a creative seating landscape along a path – with our LINESCA series, there are no limits to your design options. Discover the variety of possible combinations and give free rein to your creativity to create customised seating that perfectly suits your requirements.

Award-winning round benches

Simple assembly

Our round benches from the LINESCA series not only impress with their attractive design and versatility, but also with their simple assembly. The individual elements are screwed together in a few simple steps, making assembly quick and uncomplicated. In addition, the benches can be fixed to the ground to ensure more stable and safer use - especially in public spaces.
There are connectors on the inside of the modules, which are used to connect the elements together.

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The delivery time for our metal round benches is currently 4-6 weeks ex works.
Please note our 2-week company vacation at the beginning of August when ordering.

Our standard color palette contains more than 150 colors from which you can choose free of charge.
We also offer our customers a selection of more than 8500 colors from NCS, RAL design and Pantone colors at an extra charge.

You can find all colors here.

There are three different color variations for all elements of the round benches, which significantly shape the overall impression of the bench:

  • MONO: All bench parts as well as the connectors are in the same color.
  • DUO CONNECT: The connectors are in a different color than the bench.
  • DUO IN-OUT: The inner and outer sides of the bench are in different colors. The connector has the color of the outside.

We dispatch all our benches by a forwarding agent. Collection ex works by a haulage company commissioned by the customer is also possible.
Depending on the segment length of the individual elements, the round benches are placed individually or in pairs in boxes on pallets.
Loading and unloading must be carried out using a forklift due to the weight of the goods. If there is no forklift available at your delivery address, please contact us and we will organise transport with a lifting platform on the truck.

All parts required for installation, including the appropriate installation spanner, are supplied.

The assembly of our round benches is extremely straightforward thanks to the integrated connectors, which are attached to the inside of the modules as stainless steel plates. These connectors make it possible to connect the individual elements together and create a stable structure. Thanks to their simple handling and clear assembly concept, even inexperienced people can assemble them without any problems. As a rule, two people are enough to assemble the benches quickly and efficiently. This simple assembly makes our round benches an ideal solution for a wide range of projects and applications, without compromising on quality or stability. Translated with (free version)

The round benches are manufactured entirely from stainless steel and then powder-coated by hand.
The material is easy to clean and robust and can be 100% recycled after decades of use.

Our round benches from the LINESCA series not only offer simple assembly, but also a secure floor fastening option. The scope of delivery includes the ground anchors you require, which are included either for bolt-on installation of the bench or for concrete-in installation in the ground, depending on your requirements.

These ground anchors ensure stable and durable fastening of the benches, especially in heavily frequented public areas or in unfavourable weather conditions. The choice between the two fastening options allows the round benches to be flexibly adapted to the conditions on site and ensures safe use.

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