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The tree bench as a haven of peace: relaxation in the shade of nature

A sustainable frame for your favorite tree

Tree benches, which can be easily constructed from the elements of our Linesca series, are a stylish and sustainable addition to any environment that requires seating around a tree.

Whether it’s animal parks, assembly areas, leisure parks, schools or the school playground, the stainless steel versions of these benches blend seamlessly into the natural ambience without overshadowing the tree itself.

A metal tree bench, especially stainless steel, enhances the natural beauty of a favorite tree without competing with it – an important aspect that is often overlooked when using wooden tree benches. The use of wood for outdoor furniture means increased wear and increased maintenance, which has an unnecessary impact on our environment. Resistant wood suitable for outdoor use often comes from tropical regions. The deforestation of these forests and the worldwide transportation of the wood to us contribute to environmental pollution just so that it can be used as a material for furniture. A Bench is not worth a tree! Our materials are all 100% recyclable after decades of use.

Wir möchten unsere heimischen Baumarten schützen und erhalten und sie in die Freiraumgestaltung einbeziehen anstatt sie zu fällen. Trees are the centerpieces of open spaces and outdoor facilities. They need to be emphasized and protected. They are an important part of our living spaces. They provide visitors with a pleasant place to sit on warm days and invite them to relax.

Tree benches as oases of peace

Tree benches with individual size

The semi-circular or round tree bench is a special variant that makes it possible to enclose a tree without encircling it. With an inner diameter adapted to your project, the Bench adapts to the tree and provides shade and relaxation for visitors. The robust construction and resilience of stainless steel ensure that the Bench will last for many years and require virtually no maintenance, while offering maximum comfort.

Our tree benches offer a radius of 900 mm and 45° angle per segment as standard. We can adapt the radius to your individual project on request. Thanks to variable segment lengths and modules, we can also realize free forms. Our tailor-made design guarantees perfect adaptation to the specific needs of your open space in order to emphasize its character.

Stylish meeting places:
Stainless steel tree benches in urban and natural spaces

Stainless steel tree benches with a modern design are not only attractive seating options, but also function as stylish design elements in various environments. The sturdy construction and timeless look make them the ideal choice for animal parks, gathering places, recreational parks, schools and recreation yards. Their flexibility in form and function allows them to be placed around trees, fountains and in semi-circular arrangements, which not only provides a pleasant ambience but also encourages social interaction.

In zoos, they offer visitors a break to relax while enjoying the surrounding nature. In gathering places, they serve as meeting points and invite people to linger. In amusement parks, they are a practical element that creates peace and quiet between the exciting attractions. In schoolyards and playgrounds, they encourage communication between pupils and offer teachers a place for outdoor lessons. Placed around trees and fountains, they emphasize the natural beauty element and create a harmonious unit.

In addition, stainless steel tree benches are available in various designs, from closed to semi-open to completely open forms, allowing them to be adapted to the respective location and its specific needs.

The tree bench with individually adjustable backrests

For an increased level of comfort, our tree benches are optionally equipped with backrests. These backrests can be flexibly attached to either the inside or outside of the tree bench to optimize seating comfort and direction according to the needs of the user and the conditions of the location. Discover the comfort and adaptability of our tree benches and personalize them according to your wishes by choosing the optional backrests.

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Creating places of relaxation and remembrance

Tree benches placed around historic trees offer a unique symbiosis of natural heritage and modern landscaping. These special seating areas are not only an aesthetic eye-catcher in gardens, parks and other public places, but also serve as silent guardians of history and culture. Historic trees, which have often survived for centuries, tell stories of times gone by and are living monuments to nature. By placing tree benches around these venerable giants, a natural invitation is created to sit down, linger and reflect on the deep connection between man and nature.

The installation of tree benches around significant trees has many advantages. On the one hand, they create valuable quiet zones where people can find a moment of reflection in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They promote well-being by bringing people closer to nature and at the same time offer protection and shade. Secondly, they play an important role in nature conservation by drawing attention to the preservation of old tree populations and thus raising awareness of the need to protect our natural heritage.

They are an example of how functional design and ecological sustainability can go hand in hand to improve the quality of life in both urban and rural areas. Through their integration into the landscape design, tree benches not only increase the aesthetic value of a place, but also promote social interaction and strengthen the sense of community.

The award-winning tree bench

Multi-award-winning design

Where award-winning design innovation meets practical modularity

The product series has won many design awards. Linesca offers an innovative solution for the design of outdoor areas through a selection of 12 modular elements. This variety makes it possible to turn any idea of outdoor furniture into reality, from traditional tree benches to uniquely customized seating shapes. The modular nature of the range encourages creative freedom and allows users to configure seating landscapes to their own specifications that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

By combining different modules, users can create seating for any environment – be it public parks, schoolyards, company premises or gardens. Simple assembly and the use of high-quality materials ensure that the furniture is durable and weatherproof. Linesca therefore not only stands for design flexibility, but also for sustainability and durability in outdoor areas.

Linesca can be used to design spaces that bring people together and encourage interaction in outdoor areas. The ability to choose from a wide range of modules opens up new ways for planners, architects and end users to enrich their environment individually and functionally. Linesca thus offers a perfect solution for those who value design, quality and individuality.

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The delivery time for our metal (stainless steel) tree benches is currently 4-6 weeks ex works.
Please note our 2-week company vacation at the beginning of August when ordering.

Our standard color palette contains more than 150 colors from which you can choose free of charge.
We also offer our customers a selection of more than 8500 colors from NCS, RAL design and Pantone colors at an extra charge.

You can find all colors here.

There are three different color variations for all elements of the round benches, which significantly shape the overall impression of the bench:

  • MONO: All bench parts as well as the connectors are in the same color.
  • DUO CONNECT: The connectors are in a different color than the bench.
  • DUO IN-OUT: The inner and outer sides of the bench are in different colors. The connector has the color of the outside.

All parts required for installation, including the corresponding installation wrench, are supplied.

Assembling our tree bench is particularly easy thanks to the pre-installed connectors, which are made of stainless steel plates and are attached to the inner surfaces of the modules. These connectors make it easier to link the individual parts together to create a solid structure. The connectors are designed to make assembly easy to understand. In most cases, just two people are needed to complete the installation quickly and easily. The ease of installation makes our round benches an excellent choice for a wide range of applications without compromising on quality or strength.

The tree benches are made of 100% stainless steel and powder-coated by hand.

This finish not only gives the benches an attractive appearance, but also makes them weather-resistant and extremely easy to care for. The robust construction guarantees that the benches can withstand the daily demands of outdoor use, making them a long-lasting piece of garden furniture.

The material of our tree benches is not only known for its strength and durability, but also for its sustainability. After decades of use, the tree benches can be 100% recycled, making them an environmentally friendly choice for anyone who values sustainability.

Our tree benches from the LINESCA series not only offer easy assembly, but also a secure fastening option on the ground. The scope of delivery includes the ground anchors you require, which are included either for bolt-on installation of the bench or for concrete-in installation in the ground, depending on your requirements.

These ground anchors ensure stable and durable fastening of the benches, especially in heavily frequented public areas or in unfavourable weather conditions. The choice between the two fastening options allows the round benches to be flexibly adapted to the conditions on site and ensures safe use.

As standard, each section of our tree benches has a radius of 900 mm and an angle of 45°. The radius can be customised according to customer requirements. Flexible segment lengths and modular components also allow customised shapes to be created. The customised production of our tree benches ensures optimum adaptation to the unique requirements of your outdoor area and helps to emphasise its special character. Translated with (free version)

A round metal bench is particularly suitable for trees that are to serve as a central design element in gardens, parks or other public and commercial outdoor areas.

Tree size and growth: The tree should be large enough to provide a pleasant shaded area, but should not grow so quickly that the bench soon grows into the tree. Slow-growing trees are often ideal. Or the radius must be chosen larger from the outset.

Tree shape: Trees with a round or wide-spreading crown are particularly suitable as they provide extensive shade and complement the round shape of the bench.

Root system: Trees with a deep root system are preferable, as shallow-rooted trees could damage or lift the foundation of the bench.

Durability and care: Hardy trees that require little care and are resistant to local pests and diseases are best suited to ensure low maintenance in the long term.

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