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Comfony models are simple, linear and strong contours. They play with stainless steel and aluminum tubular profiles, covered with PET, which comes in many colors. With our innovative and high-quality product range, we offer cities and municipalities a wide selection of modern and functional furniture that enhances urban space.

Our Comfony street furniture series is designed to combine aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. We understand the importance of creating an appealing public space and place great emphasis on durable and high quality materials. Our furniture is designed to withstand the challenges of the urban environment while meeting people’s needs. With these benches, Benkert has ventured into the classic park bench and developed it further in a consistent and modern way.On the one hand, wood has been replaced with durable modern materials that are splinter-proof and virtually maintenance-free. The PET cover can also be easily changed, so that the bench can simply be given a different, identity-creating color and never needs to be completely replaced, even after years of use. Comfony is available in different versions – with and without backrests or armrests – as well as a seating group with a table.At Comfony – as with allbn products – sustainability is central. Our furniture is designed to be environmentally friendly and to conserve resources. We use 100% recyclable materials and rely on energy-efficient lighting systems. We also emphasize durability and ease of maintenance to extend the life of our products and minimize our environmental footprint.

The Comfony product overview

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Comfony slats

Choice of 8 different colours for the Comfony cover

The individual laths consist of an aluminum profile with a PET thermal coating in the following colors:

Comfony S20

Stainless steel frame

Aluminium in the core for maximum stability

Thermo-PET sheathing

Comfony 50
Comfony 10

Tested quality with our sustainable street furniture

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